One Day Spiritual Voyage to White Loong Guan

Greetings! Today is January 8 in the Chinese calendar, which marks the end of the Chinese New Year holiday. After lunch, my family and I visited the White Loong Guan to see the Caishen, which is rumored to have a very large Caishen Statue.

Guan is a Taoist temple where the Tao is observed and practiced, as well as a place of worship. 
Caishen 財神, the Chinese god of wealth, who is extremely popular in China.  

To our surprise, there were not just one, but several Caishen Statues for people to visit and worship.

The entire area is built around the mountains, with an elegant environment.

There are many devout people coming and going, seeking peace, good fortune, or love.

According to the tales, in the late Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) , a young woman who was about to get married had a strange dream on Chinese New Year’s Eve. She dreamt of an old man with a white beard descending from the sky, and over the next month, her belly uncontrollably grew larger. Eventually, she threw herself into a well to avoid gossip. The next day, people saw two white loongs flying out of the well. The white loong would come back every May, and the girl has been called the mother of the white loong since then. White Loong Guan is particularly built to worship the mother of white loong, and other taoist gods at the same time.

The whole region has not been commercialized, with respect for Daoism, as well as a joyful atmosphere when traveling.

White Loong Guan is located in Hengshan Bridge town, Wujin district, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.

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